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Volume 10, Issue 1

The Power of a Positive Workplace

In challenging economic times, negativity can make the workplace a much less desirable place to be for both you and your employees. While it may be difficult to remain optimistic, keep in mind that an upbeat employer creates a positive work environment, and a positive worksite is vital to productivity, as well as the continued health and well-being of your employees.

Here are some steps can you take to maintain a positive workplace:

Show appreciation.When was the last time you praised an employee for a job well done? Look for ways to celebrate your team. Call a meeting and discuss everything that is going well with your organization. Thank your employees for their hard work. Your appreciation will be reflected in their productivity.

Energize your workplace. Call a local health club to see if you can obtain guest passes for your employees. Surprise your employees with a delicatessen or pizza luncheon or fresh bagels for breakfast. Buy plants for the office. Hang cheerful artwork and posters where staff can see them. Whatever amount you spend may seem like a small price to pay for the boost in company morale.

Avoid negativity. Negativity can breed pessimism in the workplace. Employees rarely benefit from hearing how easily they can be replaced or how lucky they are to have a job. This type of attitude can be counterproductive.

Regardless of the ups and downs in the economy, remember to always emphasize the positive in your workplace, and you may improve productivity and earn the loyalty of your employees.

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