Looking Out for You - A Family, Home, and Auto Portection Update

Volume 10, Issue 1

Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your pets if a disaster were to strike in your area? You may already be sufficiently prepared to ensure the safety of your family during a natural or man-made disaster. But do you also have a plan in place for your pets? If you have no evacuation plan for your companion animals, you might be reducing their chances of survival.

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Keeping Appraised

If you thought you could never put a price on the antique clock your grandparents gave you, think again. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), your insurance company, and the courts represent a few motivating reasons for you to include appraisals as an integral part of your financial strategy.

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Your Vacation: An Invitation to Burglars?

Returning to a burglarized home can be a horrible jolt after a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, the truth is that an empty home is an easy target for burglars, and peak vacation times show the highest number of break-ins. However, there is good news. Taking the time to make your home less inviting to potential burglars may help prevent theft or damage while you are away.

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